Have You Seen a Blue Jindo Dog?

Ever since robot parrots appeared, Sapsal’s neighbors are not the same people they used to be. And now, Sapsal’s friend, Jin also suddenly went missing! Can Sapsal and her friends find Jin?



  1. Emily Kovalchuk,

    I adore this book! It is a great way to reinforce your Korean skills and is also just such a beautifully designed and written work. TTMIK never fails to make learning Korean a fun and desirable journey 🙂

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We are pleased that you liked the book!

  2. Maria McNeil,

    This is such a great book. I’ve read a few times, to reinforce vocab and grammar, and just because it’s nice to have some bedtime reading that’s actually in Korean(!😃)
    Hoping for a sequel, but very happy to have this one!

  3. Alanna,

    This book is so cute. It is very well made (the book itself and the content) and as a high beginner I love that it has the translations to check myself as I get used to Korean sentence structure.

  4. Sia N.,

    This is such a great book, please make more similar ones! Learning with stories is one of the most fun ways to learn. While the story is amazing, the drawings are cute and I really like the color scheme of the book as well.

  5. Joy Higley,

    Have You Seen a Blue Jindo Dog is such a fun book. I read it after having completed Levels 1-7 of TTMIK’s grammar podcast and I was able to understand almost all of it pretty easily. There was some vocabulary that I wasn’t familiar with which was good because I was able to learn those new words by reading it.
    When I bought it, I thought that the story might be childish since it is a picture book but it was actually very interesting and reminded me, in some ways, of Animal Farm. I highly recommend it both as a book and as a way to practice your Korean! I hope that TTMIK will make more books like it!

  6. Sarah Adair,

    Beautiful book. I find the dual language format really helpful, it feels like a very natural way to learn and improve my reading skills. The fact that there are only a few lines on each page means you don’t feel overwhelmed the way you might if you tried to start reading a novel aimed at native speakers. The illustrations provide context clues, so you can have a good guess at the meaning of any new words before looking them up in the glossary or reading the english translation. I find that this makes me retain words better, as I am thinking about them in context instead of simply looking them up. Really recommend this for anyone looking for reading materials.

  7. Ash W,

    This is such a great book! The writing fonts and translations never disappoint, and even the Glossary adds to the interest and fun that made me gravitate towards this book. The illustrations are beautiful, the story is worth the read, and I’d love to find more books like this one.

  8. Tomasz Wyrzykowski,

    혹시 파란색 진돗개 보셨어요?라는 책은 흥미로운 이야기와 귀여운 그림과 듣기 좋고 잘 알려진 목소리 덕분에 독서 경험을 더 즐겁게 만들어 왔어요. 그리고 저는 한국 문화에 관심이 있고 개를 좋아하는 사람이니까 진돗개와 삽살이는 두 캐릭터가 한국의 개라는 점이 정말 마음에 들어요. 그리고 저는 난독증이 있기 때문에 그림이 특히 마음에 들어거든요. 레벨 1~5의 문법 포인트가 사용하는 점에 복습과 연습이 재미있요. 앞으로도 비슷한 책을 더 많이 읽을 수 있었으면 좋겠어요.

  9. Helen Owen,

    This is a great book and is perfect to get you started with reading in Korean!

  10. Alice Gillespie,

    This was a great book for Korean reading practice. The plot was original and unpredictable, making it a page turner!

  11. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    I was so excited to get this book. Loved the story and the illustrations are simply gorgeous. What a great experience to read it.

  12. Annelie,

    I also hope to see more books like this in the future! A story like this is a really fun way to work on my Korean, and I find it really helpful to both have the translation and the glossary. I like to try to figure out which words mean what with the help of context and the translation, and then use the glossary when I want to make sure/look it up in more detail. The story is enjoyable and fun. And the audio is great as well!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We really appreciate your comment! We are so glad you like this book🙂

  13. Christin R,

    I love this book! I have really been wanting to improve my reading and this is perfect for that purpose. It’s appropriate for my abilities and the inclusion of the English translations helps me be sure I’m understanding it correctly. But more than that, it’s just an enjoyable book! The characters and story are interesting and the illustrations are beautiful. The binding and the paper used for printing are high quality. I really hope TTMIK makes more books like this in the future!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We are pleased that you enjoyed this book! If you have any questions, please let us know 🙂