Talk To Me In Korean Textbook Level 10

Improve your Korean even further with the final level in the Talk To Me In Korean Essential Curriculum!



  1. Alice Gillespie,

    These grammar texts are the best! I’ve worked through the whole series, and they were the perfect way to start my Korean learning.

  2. Ash W,

    Hi there!

    Since I ordered the 1-9 bundle before the final volume was released, I’ll leave my review here since I have the complete collection (and believe me, it’s a real deal).

    If you’re wondering about ordering this 10th book from the Essential Curriculum, or any of them, I’d strongly suggest for you to give it a try, you won’t regret it. Here’s why.

    First of, the entire collection is colorful as can be, and studying Korean with rainbow-themed books is just awesome for me. The illustrations you’ll find inside each volume are simple to understand and very explanatory. You can also learn to cook with the books (it’s not a joke, there are cooking recipes between two lessons, not in all the volumes, but a multiconcept collection is always appreciated), there are also blogs sections in every book with which you get to know famous places in South Korea that’d be great to visit if you are to travel over there, and even practical tips about the culture and history of the country, which is a plus for anyone who likes this kind of details. Each cover also picture a famous place in South Korea with a beautiful color and a bunch of references of other books and inside lessons.

    Imagine having books this great!

    What’s more, the size and width of these books are as light and thin as the lessons you’ll get, and if you don’t like paperback, you can always carry them anywhere within your phone or tablet, but since I don’t have the digital versions, I can’t elaborate too much on that field. You can study anywhere because the books are able to fit in any backpack or shoulder bag, and they’re so colorful and pretty that it won’t be an issue to study outside (with books that good, I can’t help but let the world know about these).

    Last but not least, you do get small encouragements through the lessons to go on with your learning process, and I just find it adorable and positive. Like, come on, your book is happy to help you study! You don’t feel pressured by learning a new language because the content is not overwhelming and is easy to understand. You can also practice your handwriting anywhere in the books given the large amount of practice exercises, but also thanks to all that free space around the lessons.

    If you’d prefer an overview of these books, feel free to watch the Look Inside playlist of TTMIK on Youtube.

    Everything about this collection is made to help you study with the brightest smile in a simple way, and every time I open my books to learn, I realise that I made the best choice with TTMIK.

    You won’t see that kind of quality and contents everywhere, so I do hope that this review helped you ease your mind about whether or not you should order these books.

    Oh, and, of course, the books arrive carefully wrapped with air bubbles wrap, so your books’ condition over the transport won’t be an issue. And the delivery box they come in is just adorable!

    On that positive note, I’ll end my review here regarding this collection and enjoy my books! Fighting!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you very much for your amazing review! It is delightful to hear such positive words🙂 And we’re great to hear that you’ve been enjoying our Grammar Textbook series! Thank you for studying Korean with our resources! 감사합니다🙂