1100 Short & Useful Korean Phrases For Beginners

Learn 1,100 useful Korean phrases based on 100 commonly used sentence patterns, with QR codes for audio tracks and cute, witty illustrations that will make your studying more fun.



  1. Chanael Decembre,

    Love the book! There, however, seems to be a mistake on the audio downloads. Track 28 seems to be missing And track 100 was in its place between track 27 and 29. Track 100 was not duplicated though and the downloadable tracks end at 99 except for this strange zip folder I’m currently downloading to see what’s in it. At first I thought they were just a little bit out of order but it only has 99 tracks.

    • Chanael Decembre,

      Ah never mind. I discovered that the zip file at the end contains all the tracks also including track 28. 👍🏾

  2. Carmen J Cardenas,

    Hi! I’m learnig by myself Korean too! I’m bi-lingual (?!) in german, my mother german, my father brazilian! Then during school, english, french and I married a mexican! And lived 20 years in Mexico!!!! I chosed Korean because it was absolutly unknowed, and am so astonished, admiring, the culture, the music, and the language!!!!

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 We’re so happy that you started learning Korean with us ! 한국어 공부 화이팅~!

  3. Daniel Gönczy,

    Wooow. I love this book deeply.
    Thank you very much for publishing it!

    First of all, the Quick Guide to Hangeul at the outset is so useful, explains everyhing really well about hangeul characters. I also like the feature, that each sentence are numbered, because I can easily memorize the sentences by attaching numbers to them.
    I am already really eager to see Volume 2 of this book, with more sentences, also perhaps “Intermediate” version.

    Keep up the excellent work you are doing! You really make Korean learning an enjoyable experience! 🙂

    • Fatima-Zohra C.,

      @joslyn robidoux , no there’s no transliteration (if that what you mean), just a quick review of Hangeul first BUT you can listen to the audio, all the sentences written are pronounced by both a male and a female voice.

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Thank you for your kind comment! 🙂

    • joslyn robidoux,

      Are there pronunciations in the book ?

    • TalkToMeInKorean,

      Yes, in Hangeul!