Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions

Through this book, you are not only learning the actual idiomatic expressions and how to use them, but also how to explain things in Korean naturally and fluently, by studying with the transcripts and translations.

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  1. Sheri B,

    I can tell this book is going to be fun to study! I really like the breakdown of vocabulary, literal translation and actual usage plus the example sentences. Some of these idioms are located in the Level 8 -10 Core books so it’s good to be able to review them again. I know I hear many of these in my K-Drama series so now I am going to really listen for them and see how quickly I can translate based on the situation they are used in. One thing that could change about the book is the light orange ink and font size used for the translation section – a bit hard to read (but maybe that is the point – to force focus on the Korean language sentences!).

  2. Joy Higley,

    It was really interesting to read this book and learn Korean idioms. I feel so proud of myself when I’m watching a drama and I’m able to understand an idiom thanks to this book!

  3. Hannah-May Metternick-Jones,

    Really great resource. Most textbooks or study material doesn’t go into idiom expressions, so this is a useful tool to understanding the Korean language and culture better.
    This is not just a dictionary for idioms. Each idiom comes with an explanation and uses for the phrase.

  4. Marcsi Nagy,

    I think this book can be useful to someone from the more beginner side, as well as to people on a higher level. I am not a total beginner, but am far from fluent and have found this book useful, just as much as my friend whose major is Korean Interpretation at university. Great book!

  5. Sim K,

    A great book for those who are beginner/advanced. There are not too many words on the page that overwhelm you and at the level I am on there are only one or two words that I don’t know. A great way to get into some light reading as well as learn more about Korean culture! I have been reading this book on my break at work and it is a nice steady book that I can revise over! Thanks for this awesome book! 🙂

  6. Janet Soller,

    I’m only about a third of the way through this book but I’ve already heard some of the expressions in dramas. Almost all of the expressions are new to me so I’m learning a lot.