My First 500 Korean Words Book 2

With the second book of our best-selling “My First 500 Korean Words” series, you can effectively expand your Korean vocabulary from a beginner to an intermediate level.



  1. Simon Olesen,

    I’m currently studying with this (I’m about halfway through it) and can definitely say that this a a must-buy. It’s always nice to have a source of vocabulary words, which are actually used, and also nice with anexample sentence for each word, so you know how to use it.

  2. Olivie Rehorova,

    I’ve really noticed a big difference in my vocabulary size since finishing this book. The format is unlike any other vocabulary book I’ve ever used and it really helped me retain everything I learned in an interesting and engaging manner. I would definitely recommend this as an essential to anyone learning Korean.

  3. Karmen Keith,

    I love this book. I like the example sentences that go with the words, instead of just like words they had in the last book. Plus the audio is very helpful. Thank you for making Korean easier to learn. This book with its stories and audio have helped a lot.

  4. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    This book, along with book 1, push you to a solid 1000 word vocabulary. Taught in a very context-based manner so the usage of each word can be well understood… a must for every Korean learner’s library.

  5. Siobhan Corscadden,

    These books are amazing. They give you clear ways in which the words can be used and the story’s that you can read in English and Korean are very helpful