Build & Extend Your Korean Sentences

Understand Korean sentence structures better & Build longer and more flexible Korean sentences!!

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  1. Sara B,

    This book is the best, seriously. It’s exactly what you need when like me you learn vocabulary and grammar fast but struggle to make complete sentences on your own. You can learn the sentences in this book by heart and use them as references. It really gives you a boost of confidence to start making complex sentences.

    • Sara B,

      Also, this book definitely needs a part 2, 3, 4!

  2. Isabelle A,

    This is a really useful book for revising grammar. It comes with a long introduction, which summarises all the key grammar points which are needed for the exercises in the book. It’s recommended for Levels 1-5, but I find it more appropriate for Levels 3-5.

  3. Tomasz Wyrzykowski,

    This book enhanced my Korean a lot. The format, the layout, the visuals are fantastic. Practice using patterns is really engaging and motivating. I hope Part 2 comes out soon.

  4. Sheri B,

    I ordered this book early in my language journey and it was a bit daunting at first since I had not encounterd some of the grammar structures. However, the Into that covers the grammar points is fantastic (I refer to these frequently). After working through the Core Curriculum through Level 5, going back to this book to refresh and reinforce helped me advance into the intermediate realm. I still go back and review the sentences, freshen up on the vocabulary (which is used in many of the other vocab & grammar books) and break down the connectors, refering back the core books. The conversation at the end of each section is good for audio translation and to get used to different speech patterns and tone. This book supplements the Core set and is a must to have in your library.

  5. kasia,

    Although this book is not part of the core grammar curriculum I would strongly recommend it to anyone! Extending sentences helps a lot with making your Korean sound more natural, and this book has many practice exercises and examples to demonstrate how to connect multiple sentences. I think it helps not only with learning how to elongate your sentences, but also can help with actually putting grammar you’ve learned into use, which is an essential part of learning and makes it easier to remember how to correctly use the grammar points. Definitely another must-have book!

  6. Ash W,

    That book is such a hit and I will elaborate.
    The colors (I love colorful books, but this one?) makes it so easy to understand the sentences components and all the additional parts that help add complex and more complete meaning and details to the context.

    The examples are funny and completely in-par with everyday situations and having that feeling of realness in a learning course is helpful and motivating to study and expand our knowledge!

    The introduction part? The blank spaces to write in the book for those who like to?

    A must-have. Worth the purchase.

  7. Matisse Driesen,

    If you are starting with Korean, this book together with level 1-3, and the hangeul guide are a must have. It may seem to hard at first, but it helped me on multiple occasions to further elaborate on a subject that was covered in the lessons. Also, it provided a way for me to work ahead of the lessons.

  8. 매튜,

    Felt like having a coach while preparing for a marathon. This book is a formative resource that gives you building blocks that will transform your ability to make sentences in Korean.

  9. Adam Feldman,

    This book is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you’re looking for ways to connect the dots between the TTMIK grammars and speaking in real-life conversations.

  10. Leah Brzezicki,

    This book is a fantastic resource for beginners looking to cross into intermediate levels.
    When self studying, it can be quite frustrating only being able to speak in simple sentences. This book is wonderful at providing one resource to start expanding one’s ability to to communicate naturally and effectively.
    It’s a great resource to use in addition to TTMIK’s main curriculum. I would buy more books similar to this.

  11. Olivie Rehorova,

    This book really elevated my Korean and I’m so glad I have it! Everything is explained in a clear and concise way and I would definitely recommend it to anyone learning Korean.

  12. Karmen Keith,

    I love this book. It has helped me so much with my connectors and making longer sentences. When I first used this book I noticed it had a lot o daily routine stuff in it. So it helped me with my everyday words as well. Plus the little conversation at the end makes it better to see how you use it in a conversation. Thanks for making it.

  13. Helen Owen,

    Reading and listening to this book has really helped with my comprehension. I always go back to it! It’s a really good book that helps you review everything you’ve learned, with a visual guide to how all the sentence patterns combine it’s one of my favourites

  14. Mariyam Toure,

    Ce livre est génial !
    C’est ce qu’il me fallait pour comprendre la structure d’une notamment à l’aide des connecteurs. Je recommande à toutes les personnes qui ont dû mal à faire des phrases longues, je suis à la 6ème phrases de ce livre et je ne suis pas du tout déçu !

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you so much for your review! Your words mean the world to us. We are so glad you like the books🙂

  15. D C,

    I am about to finish book 5 and was getting a little frustrated because I needed to put it all together before moving on but didn’t know how and then I saw your new book and it was what I needed. I have done 2 lessons and it is amazing. The integration of the conjugations in one sentence and the method used through one lesson has me memorizing things super quick and even making long sentences of my own. I am in love with every book I have bought but this one is a must. I am also using 1100 short and useful korean phrases to refresh books 1 through 5 and Easy Korean Reading as a night read/listening practice.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you so much for your review! Your words mean the world to us. We are so glad you like the books!!

  16. sofia,

    I purchased this book only a few days ago and it hasn’t arrived yet but I KNOW it will be great! (As all your other materials are for me, I’m only a few books away from having bought all of your books lol) Anyways I really want to ask WHEN ARE THE WORKBOOKS FOR LEVELS 6 AND UP COMING OUT? hahaha sorry I’ve been waiting a long time for them since I refuse to begin the level 6 grammar book without the workbook. I can’t wait for you guys to release them. I began my Korean learning journey two years ago here with level 1 and even though I still have a long way to go I can’t believe how far I have come thanks to you guys! But please release the books quick haha thank youuu!!!

    • sofia,

      Also, back to this book, I saw the Look inside video of it on Youtube and it looks awesomeeee! Can’t wait 🙂

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your nice comment! We hope you enjoy studying Korean with this book!!

  17. Kenneth Elliott,

    I like this book cause it gives me a diagram of how the sentences will be if you formed them together. It also introduces more words for me to study and add to my already vast vocabulary of Korean verbs. I also like that they have the practice portions as well because I am trying to read, write, and speak Korean as I am learning so I don’t just focus on just one aspect and then have to jump back to another. Overall this book will be a very good benefit to anyone who may have a hard time understanding the Korean sentence structure and it will help with more everyday verbs you haven’t learned as well.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We are so happy that you find this book helpful! Hope you continue to enjoy studying Korean with us🙂

    • Dietrich,

      thanks I think I really want this book