Level 6 Package (Textbook + Workbook)

Spice up your Korean sentences with new expressions and grammar patterns. You can learn to express your thought more accurately in Korean with Level 6 of Talk To Me In Korean!

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  1. 매튜,

    At this point, reviews probably aren’t necessary… anyone who’s used the books up to level six understands their incomparable value in the sphere of Korean learning. Have you tried courses on Udemy? Garbage! Stick with TTMIK.

  2. Mimia Wen,

    I’ve enjoyed all of the TTMIK workbooks so far. My order came SO fast. I ordered at 9pm on Saturday and it arrived Tuesday at 11am! Pretty much all the books came in pristine condition except for the workbook. I guess because I bought textbooks 7-10 in the same order, and the textbooks are all the same size but the single Level 6 workbook is larger so it got creased by the other books. It bothers me a fair bit but I guess at least it’s the workbook and not the textbooks.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your feedback! We hope you enjoy studying Korean with us!!