Level 3 Korean Grammar Textbook

Expand your knowledge of Korean by learning irregularities, linking verbs, politeness , levels, and much more!



  1. ARMY BTS,

    It’s been one month and still it didn’t arrive. Hope you’ll solve this problem.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. I sent you an email about the shipping status of your order. If you have any other questions, please let us know:)

  2. Emilie,

    I love this textbook! It’s easy to understand and practical. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their Korean to the next level.

    • Yeji KIm,

      Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you so much for your review. We are so happy to hear that you find this book useful! I am also sure that many of our users would find your comment helpful!