Korean Drama Phrases

Target level

TTMIK Levels 5-7

What can you achieve through this course?

  • Understand lines from Korean dramas better
  • Learn expressions and sentences that are commonly used, especially in K-dramas
  • Understand when and how to use the expressions in your daily life
  • Learn a lot of sample sentences

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What can you find inside the course?

  • 20 lessons
  • Vocabulary quizzes

Customer reviews

"I love how they used Korean drama phrases to teach. Some of th phrases are pretty funny, especially when you realize you've heard them before in a drama. I really liked how this e-book/audio book is organized."

Carol H.

"I really like the way you broke down the words in the book, as well as explaining what the use of each word has and adding in extra few sentences along with it. Thank you so much for the effort and we hope to see a Volume 2 soon~ ^^ TTMIK Fighting!"

Gemma M.

"Very entertaining. Helps a lot. Thank you TTMIK."


Table of contents

  1. 진짜 궁금해서 그러는데, 두 사람 대체 무슨 사이야?
  2. 이런 한심한 놈 같으니라고!
  3. 다음 주말에 시간 비워 놔요.
  4. 내가 회사로 갈 테니까 점심이나 같이 하자.
  5. 어제는 제가 좀 정신이 없었어요.
  6. 무슨 말씀이신지…
  7. 일을 어떻게 이따위로 한 거야!
  8. 내가 분명히 말했지. 열두 번도 더 말했지!
  9. 내가 알아서 할게.
  10. 진짜 돌겠네!
  11. 제가 빈말 하는 거 봤어요?
  12. 둘이 분명히 뭔가 있어요.
  13. 왜 이렇게 사람을 걱정시켜요?
  14. 쉿! 조용히 해 봐.
  15. 다 죽었어.
  16. 게임 끝난 거지 뭐. 이제 와서 뭘 어쩔 거야?
  17. 걔 언젠가 대형 사고 칠 줄 알았어.
  18. 왜 대답 안 해?
  19. 뻑 하면 싸우고 헤어지고, 이번에는 며칠이나 가려고?
  20. 마음이 편치가 않아.

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  1. Ian Paul B. Saligumba,

    Btw does this course have a certificate?

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      This course does not provide a certificate of completion.
      Thank you for your understanding!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate of completion. Thank you for your patience!

  2. Ian Paul B. Saligumba,

    I am finally done with this course 😍 Thank You TTMIK Team for producing this course. Hopefully you will make another courses related to Kdramas since I love watching Kdramas.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. Sylvie Carter,

    I have also added this course and I can’t access the lesson except for the first one of Korean Drama phrases. I can’t find the button ‘take this course’ to click it

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We are working on this issue. 🙂 Thank you for your patience.

    • Sylvie Carter,

      thank you

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your patience!
      Could you check it again?

    • Alex,

      Hello, I´ve had the same issue and just checked it again but unfortunately it´s still not working.
      Thank you for trying to fix it. I really enjoyed the first lesson and I´m looking forward to the others! 🙂

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Sorry for the inconvenience!
      Could you send an email to us?

    • Alex,

      It´s finally working and I´ve completed the whole course. It was great. Straight to the point, very informative and a lot of fun. I´m looking forward to being able to understand more while watching my next K-drama! 🙂

  4. Tamal Chowdhury,

    Hello, I hope you are well. I have added this course. After that, I can only access the pdf and video lesson of lesson 1. I can access other lessons from this course. Would you please advise me on how I can access other courses?

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We will look into this matter!
      Thank you for your patience.

    • Lana,

      I have the same problem

  5. Carissa,

    재미있는 코스 !

    • Talk To Me In Korean,


  6. Hani,

    This course was amazing, though i heard the phrases before on drama scenes but they all make sense now. Thank you for making my korean study fun.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We appreciate your nice comment 🙂 Thank you for studying with us!