Core Grammar Level 10

"Polish Your Korean to Perfection and Beyond"

LevelLevel 10
Duration6.5 total hours
Lessons 31
Language English & Korean


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Main topics of the Level 10 course:

  • Advanced idiomatic expressions related to face, work, and words
  • Double negative
  • How to show empathy or shock in Korean
  • How to express assumptions and reactions in Korean
  • Various usages of the endings "-걸", "-며" and "-게"
  • How to share what you have seen or heard in Korean


Table of Contents

Average lesson length: 13 minutes

Lesson 1. Advanced Idiomatic Expressions 12 / 얼굴 (Face)

Lesson 2. To go/come to do something / -(으)러 가다/오다

Lesson 3. I know it is… but it is still… / 아무리 -(이)라지만, 아무리 -(ㄴ/는)다지만

Lesson 4. Suggesting Choices / -(이)나, -(이)라도

Lesson 5. To decide to, To agree to / -기로 하다

Lesson 6. Advanced Idiomatic Expressions 13 / 일 (Work)

Lesson 7. Listing Possible Scenarios / -거나, -(ㄴ/는)다거나

Lesson 8. While Keeping the Current State / -(으)ㄴ/는 채로

Lesson 9. Various Usages of the Ending -걸(요)

Lesson 10. Sentence Building Drill 18

Lesson 11. Expressing Assumptions / -(으)ㄹ 텐데

Lesson 12. Sharing What You Have Seen or Heard / -던데요, -다던데요

Lesson 13. As a result of / -는 바람에

Lesson 14. Expressing Reactions / -다니/라니

Lesson 15. Question Ending: -니?

Lesson 16. Various Usages of the Ending -게

Lesson 17. It is more of a… than… / -(ㄴ/는)다기보다, -(이)라기보다

Lesson 18. Let alone / -은/는커녕

Lesson 19. Even if it means I have to… / -아/어/여서라도

Lesson 20. Sentence Building Drill 19

Lesson 21. Advanced Idiomatic Expressions 14 / 말 (Word)

Lesson 22. Various Usages of the Ending -며 / -(으)며, -(이)며

Lesson 23. Maybe because… / -아/어/여서인지

Lesson 24. I guess I will have to… / -아/어/여야겠다

Lesson 25. To be bound to… / -기/게 마련이다

Lesson 26. Advanced Idiomatic Expressions 15 / 하나 (One)

Lesson 27. Showing Empathy or Shock / 얼마나 -(으)ㄹ까(요), 얼마나 -(으)면

Lesson 28. 싶다 used to mean “to think” or “to wonder” / -(으/느)ㄴ가 싶다, -나 싶다, -(으)ㄹ까 싶다

Lesson 29. Double Negative = Positive / 없지 않다, 없지 않아 있다

Lesson 30. Sentence Building Drill 20

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What you can find in this course:

Lesson notes

Sample dialogues

Review quizzes

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Why you'll LOVE our Core Grammar courses

  • All Levels Covered
    By simply following our curriculum that covers 10 levels, you can take your Korean skills from absolute beginner all the way up to advanced.

  • Short and Digestible Lessons
    Each lesson is bite-sized and easy to understand, as it focuses on one grammar point at a time and provides many example sentences.

  • Fun Story-based Reviews
    You can review the entire course through a fun story! The final lesson of each course features a fun story that allows you to review all the grammar and vocabulary introduced in the course.

  • Review Quizzes and Interactive Audio Lessons
    You can test your new knowledge through review quizzes and interactive audio lessons, where our teachers ask you questions, and you can respond and check where you need to improve.

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