9-Year-Old’s Dictionaries Bundle (마음 사전 + 느낌 사전)

Learn to express your intricate feelings and experiences in delicate Korean with this bundle!

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  1. Hannah-May Metternick-Jones,

    Feelings and emotions can always be hard to translate I to another language, but these books do a great job. With the images and comparisons I can really ‘feel’ like I am understanding these words, definitely not a standard dictionary or thesaurus!

  2. Olivie Rehorova,

    These books have really elevated my vocabulary. I love that they provide a detailed definition for each expression instead of just relying on English translations, which allowed me to grasp the full meaning everything and really deepened my level of understanding.

    • Olivie Rehorova,

      *full meaning OF everything

  3. Helen Owen,

    I absolutely love thèse! Books would love an audio to a company them

  4. Winnie Chan,

    I have bought the two books. Are there any downloads of the mp3?

  5. DD van den Ham,

    I was able to learn vocabulary using these books without any need for translation, because the context the books provide makes the meaning of the new words clear on its own, which was a really cool experience! I did use a translator to verify that my understanding was correct and it turned out to be so pretty much every time, so these books provide a really natural way of learning the language.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you so much for your review! Your words mean the world to us. We are so glad you like the books 🙂

  6. Daniel Gönczy,

    Hello dear TTMIK team!
    Lovely books, with a special taste of the Korean language.
    Thank you for compiling it! 🙂

    2 questions: 1. The above links that lead to the books individually (product details) does not work at all.
    This is the error message after clicking: “This road is blocked. Our search bar below will help you find the way!”
    Why is that? Could you please check it?

    2. 아홉 살 마음 사전 is shown to be 168 pages. But as I checked, both book has 165 numbered pages (without any extra pages). Are you sure 168 is the correct number of pages?

  7. Rebekah,

    These books are so charming and helpful. I can study as intensely or as lightly as I want out of these books. The vocabulary in these books are very widely used and has greatly increased my understanding when watching dramas. The illustrations are so cute too.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Thank you for studying with us!