TTMIK Best Sellers (For Beginners)

Get some of TTMIK’s best sellers in one package to improve your Korean vocabulary, reading skills and writing skills!

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  1. Reneé Torres,

    I think this is one of the best bundles to get as a beginner. It really helped me, especially with vocabulary as I’m already taking extra Korean lesson and I am taught more about grammar. Since using this I’ve seen a big improvement in my Korean. My favorite book from this bundle is the “Real-life Korean Conversations for beginners” because you get to read, listen the text, see grammar structures, and learn vocab. Overall, I do recommend to get this as it will help you a lot. I can’t wait for Christmas as I’ll be asking for more TTMIK :).

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Great to hear that you enjoy studying with these books!! : ) Thank you. 🥰

  2. Isabelle A,

    This is a useful bundle for beginners. I especially liked “Real-Life Korean Conversations for Beginners”. These short conversations are a very engaging way of learning or revisiting vocabulary and grammar and a good accompaniment to the core grammar courses. I also liked “Easy Korean Reading For Beginners”, though I feel like the level recommendation of 1-3 is a bit too low — some of the grammar used is only introduced in Levels 4-5. I would recommend to listen to the video course to go with the book as it explains some of the grammar in more detail than the book does.
    “My First 500 Korean Words Book 1” was also nice to study with, though the exercises are the same for every chapter, so it gets a little bit repetitive.
    “The Korean Verbs Guide” provides a nice overview of commonly used verbs and how to conjugate them. There are some few exercises per verb to test the recollection of these conjugations. I have mainly used this book as a reference, as I found studying with the other books to be more engaging.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Appreciate the detailed review!!

      If you focus on the stories in each chapter, you can study more enjoyably with My First 500 Korean Words Book 1.
      While Easy Korean Reading aims for levels 1-3, there are occasional inclusions of levels 4-5 to maintain a natural flow in the narrative. Wishing it proves helpful for Isabelle. 한국어 공부 파이팅! : )

  3. Jocelyn Chay,

    This bundle is really value for money and a great partner to the workbook and textbook! Particularly enjoyed the first 500 korean words and Real Life Korean conversation as they helped me to expand my vocabulary and also explore the usage in conversations. Overall all the books have an easy to follow format and make learning fun because of the illustrations and designs too !

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thanks for your love. 🥰 We plan to release many more great books in the future, so please look forward to them!

  4. Hecade,

    So far I’ve only gotten started on My first 500 Korean Words and Easy Korean Reading For Beginners
    but they have been an amazing supplement to the grammar books! These books have given me a greater vocabulary and it means that I have an easier time creating my own sentences and I’ve also grown more comfortable with reading and understanding 😀

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Isn’t learning Korean really enjoyable? Keep up the good work in the future too. 파이팅! 😍

  5. Deidre Clark,

    I bought this bundle to use alongside the grammar textbooks and workbooks for levels 1-3, and found they were a great compliment to what I was learning. Seeing grammar and words in the context of a conversation or short story makes it much easier to retain what I am learning.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      I’m really glad it was helpful. Keep up the good work in your Korean studies!

  6. Zoila Espinoza,

    I bought this bundle to start my journey as a beginner in this beautiful language. All of the books are amazing easy to follow and very useful. I have hopes to say one day TALK TO ME IN KOREAN with total confidence.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      It is delightful to hear such positive words! Thank you so much. ☺️

  7. Kerry Morgan,

    I love this book bundle. Perfect for beginners, especially for my first 500 Korean words. I love that you learn vocabulary in context which helps with memorizing.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      감사합니다! 한국어 공부 파이팅! 💪

  8. Laura,

    I bought this bundle to add to my textbooks and workbooks collection! I love how these enhance the learning experience but also keep it entertaining, with different formats for each book and different topics, to jump from one to the other as you need to!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We are so happy that you find these books helpful. : )

  9. Keane Anderson,

    Wow the bundle is amazing. I’m finally making it to the verb guides and its helping me a lot. I did notice there was an audio error for sentence 5 of 덥다. The normal iteration says correctly 겨울이 but the slowed down iteration says 여름이.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your review!
      We’re so sorry for the inconvenience! Could you please tell us about this issue in detail by sending us an email to [email protected]?
      We’ll look into this matter thoroughly.
      Thank you!

  10. Cat Clementine,

    안녕하세요 ! 저는 매일 한국어 공부하는 거 좋아해요 그리고 재미있어요. I am currently at level 3 in the TTMIK core courses, and that is partially due to this book set– I’m only on level 2 course-wise, but have tested to level three because as I practiced with this book set and I am able to understand more vocabulary and grammar. So far I have really enjoyed every purchase from Talk To Me In Korean. My favorite book out of this set is the Easy Korean Reading For Beginners. I really think the story format supplements my learning well. The “My First 500 Korean Words” book also has this format and is effective. I feel that a story format is better than sample sentences for my preferred learning style. I hope TTMIK will release more learning book options or courses with the story format! Thank you TTMIK! 감사합니다!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your detailed review! It is delightful to hear such positive words! We’ll refer to your opinion for more story format vocabulary books to be released.
      한국어 공부 화이팅!

  11. samid contreras,

    helloooo, I bought this bundle actually it’s amazing I love every single book from here but I don’t know where I can find the listening part? where can I download it?

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      You can download all the accompanying audio files for our books by clicking ‘Book Audio’ at the bottom of our website!
      You can also listen to the audio files through our official app TTMIK: Audio. You can download the app on Google Play and Apple app store 🙂

    • karina koetsier,

      You can download the TTMIK audio app. All the books are on there. They will read the books for you

  12. Anna,

    Finally got my books here in Sydney after a week! They all came in very good condition and quality as well! Im on day 3 on My First 500 Korean Words, at first it was a bit overwhelming but at the end of day 1, when I was actually able to read and understand whole sentences in Korean I was amazed! Your teaching format in these books are great! Can’t wait to start on the other books in this bundle! Soo glad I stumbled upon TTMK! Congrats to the team behind this, you guys are great👍🏼😊

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you so much for your great review! We are so glad that you like the books 🙂 If you have any questions, please let us know. 한국어 공부 화이팅!

  13. Bibbi,

    This bundle is great! And the quality.. oh gosh I love it! I honestly didn’t think the quality would be this good for some reason, but it really was! The delivery was really quick too, it got all the way to Sweden in just 1 week 🙂 I am so excited to get started with My First 500 Korean Words :3 I’m sure I’ll learn a lot, as I always do when I use any kind of TTMIK material. Talk To Me In Korean truly is the best way to learn Korean!
    Thank you TTMIK Team! All of the content you put out is great and I admire your work!
    Highly recommend.

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We hope you continue to enjoy studying Korean with our books. 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback!

  14. Natacha Vasseur,

    This bundle completely fits with the beginner’s bundle. Even if I do not recommend to only get this bundle at first, those books are full of vocabulary, sentences, readings that will truely and fastly improve your korean learning. I am glad that I bought this package at the same time as the beginner’s one because they match together. Those will give you many hours of learning and improving.
    Thank you TTMIK TEAM for this Time you put in all those books, exercises, videos and all ❤️
    감사합니다 !

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Many thanks ! 🙂 We will keep making more useful books for every Korean learner ! Hope you enjoy learning Korean with us ^^

  15. Lisa,

    Hello TTMIK Team!♡
    First of all, all of these books are great and I am amazed every time how much time and effort you put into the materials that you provide for us, so thank you so much! The audio files are so so helpful and really help me with the pronounciation^^
    I bought this set after starting with the Level 3 Grammar; and I think that was just the right time to buy it for me personally. After receiving the books, I continued with the Level 3 Grammar, started the 500 first words book and sometimes read some of the easy short stories; I love it so much 😀
    I stumbled across your app when I searched for study apps to get me started and I am so glad I found yours. Since then, about 4-7 days a week I start my day with Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun’s MP3 Lessons and the PDF files and I am always looking forward to a new lesson! (In the first few weeks I was super confused though, since Hyunwoo and Kyeung-eun always asked to leave comments which is not possible on the app :,) )

    For people who are thinking about buying this set: I do recommend practising some grammar first, but if you are not in the mood for it this set can be used by total new learners as well. It will be more difficult tough and could be frustrating if you dont have any base at all, keep that in mind 🙂

    Thanks again TTMIK team; since I finally figured out that you can comment under the online lessons in the browser you might see a comment from me in the future again 😀 Have a nice day and greetings from Germany💕🌼

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We appreciate your kind comment that includes how helpful this bundle was and the tips for other learners. ^^ For your information, we currently do not have an app, although we hope to develop one in the future. Any apps you see in the store are run by independent developers with permission to use our materials. Hope you find this information helpful. Happy studying ^^

  16. Hannah,

    Hi again, TTMIK! Sorry about my question earlier, but I double checked the items under my Download tab, and was surprised that they are audio tracks to accompany the books I just ordered. 🙂 This is such a sweet surprise! Thank you very much for being so generous. I don’t know how to delete my previous comments here. I hope you can help me do so in order to avoid any confusion. So excited for my books to arrive! 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      I’m so glad that you found the audio files. 🙂 I’ve deleted your previous comments as you requested. Happy studying ! 🙂

  17. Melinda Duong,

    I am thoroughly enjoying these books alongside the audio tracks that go with them. Since I have no Korean person to practise with, I have been reading out what I learn to google translate and based on whether the translations are accurate, I am able to determine if my pronunciation is good enough! A very handy tool and really helps you see your progress as opposed to assuming you are doing ok!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for studying with us! ♥️


    I love it because it shows you the conjugation of the words and how they are used. the conversation books is really practical and reading them instead of hearing helps with your korean memory . you get the audio for every book as well.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Glad to hear that you love it:) If you have any other questions, please let us know!

  19. Marie Van Damme,

    Buy the books that you like.
    ‘Real-life Korean Conversations for Beginners’ and ‘My first 500 Korean’ words aren’t fun and motivating books. And ‘Easy Korean Reading For Beginners’ is a little bit too difficult for actual beginners. However I find the Korean verbs guides great. I don’t recommend buying this bundle. I recommend ‘my weekly Korean vocabulary’ to learn vocabulary because the one in this bundle is a list of words you have to study and I rather study words in context. This site has really good books but these are a bit boring.

    I recommend:
    1. the grammar books (you can get them for free but I bought it because I can study easier offline and because the writers will get money they deserve)
    2.’My weekly Korean vocabulary’ (You don’t only learn the main vocabulary but also grammar and other words used in the sentences)
    3. The Korean verbs guide (totally not necessary but because I don’t like to study with computers nearby it works for me. I only use it because I have a Korean book – not from this site – with traditional stories in it that I read, so you probably won’t need this book at all)
    4. LOOK FOR YOUR OWN STYLE OF LEARNING, I don’t like abstract learning but if you do, go ahead and buy this!!!!! (First watch a preview on Youtube so you know the style of the books before you spend money)

    I hope this helped you <3

    • Fatima-Zohra C.,

      Thanks a lot for you review, Marie!
      I’d love to see how far you got into your learning process, maybe you can share your experience here. 🙂
      I was considering buying this bundle (as well as ttmik level 1 and 2 books) but the deliveries to my country are blocked for the moment because of the global covid-19 epidemic. I’m also an adept of offline learning but the confinment and the suspended deliveries made me opt for a subsciption (my way to thank the team here eventhough I’m mainly concerned by the free courses, my level is too low for the actual premium ones).
      I’ll do the same eventhough my choices will be different from yours, I believe that a slightly higher levels of texts will help improving our vocab a lot. The weekly korean vocab’ is available with a premium subscription so I’ll go for it online instead of buying it.
      Your review was awesome, thanks a lot for your help!

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Thank you for your comments! Everybody has different levels and tastes about our books. However, we will remember what you told about us, and consider it for the future.

  20. Cristina Vargas Zúcar,

    Amazing! I just received the books and I can’t wait to start studying with them. I’ve taken a look and I already know I’m going to love them and learn a lot 🙂

    • Marie Van Damme,

      You know that you have to post a review after you studied with the books?

    • malak ibrahim,

      can you shipping this book to egypt? and how much I will pay to shipping??

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      We ship worldwide and Egypt is no exception!
      Shipping costs vary upon your country and the total weight of your order.
      Please add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and enter your address at checkout. Then, the shipping costs will be automatically calculated in USD before you pay 🙂

  21. Bryan Michael Balunes,

    The books exceeded my expectations. The books are not that big and heavy so I can bring it and study them anywhere. These books will really improve my Korean vocabulary as well as my reading and speaking skills.

    • Yeji KIm,

      Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you very much for your review. We are so glad to hear that the books actually came in handy! :):)

  22. Cheryn Chin,

    Love it! Thanks for the awesome reading materials!

    • Yeji KIm,

      Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. We appreciate your review! We are so glad that you like the books!!

    • ,

      I just wanted to ask, how long did it take to arrive?

  23. Kenni,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful books! I’ve been listening to the podcast on and off for years now, and I’m so happy to have finally found my way to your store. The books are even better than I imagined, and I’m so excited to have these handy guides to help me continue learning. Thank you again!
    To anyone considering buying these books: go for it! You will not be disappointed.

    • Yeji KIm,

      Hi! This is Yeji Kim from Talk To Me In Korean. Thank you so much for your review! Your words mean the world to us. We are so glad you like the books 🙂