Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make

Learn to speak more natural Korean and avoid common mistakes!



  1. Ervin Nieves,

    There’s a YouTube “unboxing” of Billy Go’s & TTMIK’s collaborative edition of Billy Go’s “Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make”, but the YouTube video, which only quickly shows a couple of pages of the book, understandably can’t fully demonstrate how wonderful Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make is. The book is a bit advanced for me now, but I will make good use of it once I get through all existing 7 TTMIK grammar textbooks. By the way, I look forward to TTMIK publishing the final 3 Korean grammar textbooks in book form, instead of just releasing the online (fake book) versions, which TTMIK’s CEO announced will be released in 2020. I hope the “real books” are also released this year so I can add them to the 7 previous TTMIK grammar paperback textbooks. Going back to Billy Go’s book, I’m very pleased with the fine points of grammar and usage treated in the book and will surely benefit from the lessons once I’ve grown to a higher level in Korean. Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make is currently only available in its new edition via TTMIK’s website and not via Amazon, Half Price Books, Barnes & Noble, or other book chains in the U.S.. There is an older edition of the same book by Billy Go (the pre-TTMIK/Billy Go collaborative edition), but I prefer the more beautiful 2nd edition published in September 2019. I love the free audio files of all TTMIK books, as well as the relevant grammar points that are reviewed in each TTMIK book, including this Billy Go & TTMIK collaboration. Just add a button above your “FAQ” button on your home page for all TTMIK “Audio Files” so that we can download these files easily. It takes 2 minutes to create such a button and cross-link it to your audio files page, so that with only ONE click we can immediately access these files from the TTMIK homepage instead of having to remember where you’ve buried these audio files. Thanks for a great new book, TTMIK! — Dr. E.N., Iowa, USA

  2. Wesley Etheridge,


  3. Samuel Rossignol,

    This may be the best standalone texbook for korean learners, it covers a lot of different topics from beginner level to more advanced subjects. It’s a great introduction into korean learning books and it came handy for me a lot of times so I can only recommend this book to anyone whos trying to point out the mistakes eventually made in his daily korean studying and to correct them.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Thank your for sharing your comment:) Happy studying!

  4. Gift Johnson,

    the book arrived in great conditions.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Thank you for purchasing with us!