My First Writing Practice In Korean

Simply follow the guidelines and simple missions in this book and you will find yourself writing in Korean much better and much more confidently! Great for all levels!

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  1. Tuck-Leong Lee,

    I’m glad I bought this book. It fills in a missing gap in my use of other supplementary material: producing language. It provides simple structures for practice, and more usefully for me, a stimulus for writing! In my personal learning system, this serves as a bridge for other material. I start with a unit of My First 500 Words. Then with this resource, I write new sentences drawing from my own situation, and also other sentences using the new vocabulary from 500 Words. If I learn something else from say, the Auxiliary Verb course in this website, I can also practice them in this book, alongside vocabulary revision. Gained much confidence — so thank you very much!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thanks you.

  2. Michele Roberts,

    I’ve always wanted to start writing a diary in Korean and this book is the perfect book to help! It’s clear to understand and follow and gives you a great starting point that you can develop with. I struggled with not knowing where to start and this book has helped me so much! Definitely would recommend if you want to start writing about your life in Korean!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you so much for your review! Your words mean the world to us. We are so glad you like the book. : )

  3. Sia N.,

    Amazing book for writing diary entries in Korean! I feel like I never can come up with anything to write but this book motivated me to write and improve my Korean writing skills.

  4. Daniela Gomez,

    I really liked this book. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much grammar I learn is hard to use it or “land it” to real usage. This book helped me include Korean writing and thinking in my daily life, while also deepening my understanding of everyday Korean and to realize I actually understand more than I thought. I have to ship to the US and then to Colombia for faster shipping and the team takes special attention in wrapping the books correctly so you receive them neatly. The structure is great and I spent a great month using this book thinking on re-doing the challenge.

  5. Jailene Ortez,

    As someone who has a hard time coming up of writing topics, this book is a great resource of prompts and the grammar behind it. Also it comes with cute stickers!

  6. Zoila Espinoza,

    OMG!!! This book is on another level, very practical and fun to use. People need to be prepared for all my korean content coming up.

  7. Olivie Rehorova,

    I love this! The social media aspect of this is brilliant, since so many other language learning books neglect to mention it. It has helped me tremendously.

  8. Karmen Keith,

    I like how the book shows you how you can do posts online, for like Instagram and such. It makes it to where we can put it to everyday use. Plus I like the pictures.

  9. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    This was such a fun book to practice writing with. The exercises are super useful.

  10. Siobhan Corscadden,

    I absolutely love all the books that I have from TTMIK. they are set out beautifully, clear and instructional. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in. I always recommend you.