Vocabulary Package (Intermediate)

If you are at an intermediate level in Korean and feel like your vocabulary could use improvement, this bundle is exactly what you need.

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  1. afe5365973f7941cf216bab840fb1653,

    This bundle is perfect, the hanja guide is so easy and simplified you could remember the hanja characters even if you haven’t opened the book in two weeks, the expressions are great as well it did also help a lot in watching kdramas as I could recognize with ease the expressions and understand them.

  2. Simon Olesen,

    Can definitely recommend this bundle. So far I have mostly studied with the Hanja book and am loving it so far. The book teaches a lot of Hanja (around 120-130 I believe) and related vocabulary. I personally enjoy learning to read and write the Hankja characters themselves (mostly for the fun of it, but some of them can also be seen in daily life). There are also multiple vocabulary words for each of the Hanja, and learning the words this way stick so much better since you (at least in some cases) can break it up in to the individual Hanja with each of their meaning. As an example 학년 which comes from 학 (learn) + 년 (year) and means a grade (as in first grade, second grade etc. in school). Have not used the idiomatic expressions book too much yet since I’ve been studying with other books, but the things I have read in it are very useful. Idiomatic expressions are usually pretty hard, since they aren’t supposed to be taking literally and can therefore be hard to understand if you don’t know the expression.