How To Sound Like A Native Korean Speaker

Learn how to speak Korean with correct pronunciation in a fun and easy way.



  1. Megan Howell,

    This book is so helpful, and the material is so detailed. I’m so glad that TTMIK made this book! I was struggling with how to differentiate some of the different characters’ sounds, but it has become a lot clearer now. I love how many exercises and audio files there are, it really helps to fill in the gap for those that don’t have any natives to practice with.

  2. Tomasz Wyrzykowski,

    Korean pronunciation is known as the most difficult of all Asian languages for a good reason;) However, this book will make sure you will actually sound like a native speaker. I think it might even be used by Beginners, because the damage done by romanisation is not easy to fix. With the illustrations, video animations and audio files helping you understand the mouth and tongue position, you simply can’t learn wrong. It’s safe to say, HowToSoundLikeANativeKoreanSpeaker is second to none.

  3. Sia N.,

    Really good for making your Korean sound more fluent and I really appreciate the book. However I’ve had many problems with the TTMIK app where the pronunciation videos are. It often crashes. It has gotten better though, so I’m sure it’ll be great soon! Thank you so much for the care you put into helping people learn a new language!

  4. Joy Higley,

    This is one of my favorite books that I have purchased from TTMIK. I read through each lesson, listened to the audio, and completed the exercises. At the end of each lesson there were sentences for pronunciation practice. I listened to the audio for the sentences, practiced saying them, and then recorded myself saying them and sent them to my Korean friend who would correct my pronunciation if there were any issues. My Korean friend said my pronunciation improved a lot by the time I finished the book!

  5. Isabelle A,

    This is a really useful book to get better at pronunciation, from understanding how to distinguish similar vowels and consonants, to more advanced topics such as tones. The diagrammes in the book and videos in the app are very useful for getting a deeper understanding of how to pronounce words.
    I agree with the others who have left reviews that it makes most sense to work through this book from Levels 4 onwards. The example sentences are fairly advanced and it’s good to already know some of the minimal pairs to appreciate the consequences of pronouncing words incorrectly.

  6. 차부찬,

    Early on in my endeavor to learn the Korean language, I downloaded TTMIK’s Korean Pronunciation Guide and added the accompanying course to my list. I made it through a little over half of the course, and although I found it interesting, nothing was sticking. Perhaps it was too soon. I had only completed Level 1 and the course was targeted for Levels 4 – 8. When ‘How to Sound Like a Native Korean Speaker’ was published, I had only made it through another level, but I purchased the book anyway (not only to add to my collection of books, but also TTMIK pins). I had not planned on starting the book right away or working my way through the whole book at once, but that is what ended up happening. The structure, illustrations, video animation, and audio recordings all made for a truly enlightening experience that would be good for a beginner too.

  7. Daniela Gomez,

    This book is amazing! A holy grail – It should be used for teaching Korean since the beginning along with Hangeul. It helped me clear so many doubts I had about pronunciation and improve a lot, something I was not able to do before and that caused me a lot of trouble. I could definitely identify with a bunch of the stories portraid in the book. Is super helpfull for those wanting to improve their pronunciation, but also for those that want to understand more when listening. Amazing! Kudos TTMIK team, this is genious!

  8. kasia,

    I have been studying Korean with TTMIK since 2021 and the book ‘How to sound like a native Korean speaker” was massively helpful in improving not only my speaking but also my reading. I used to find sound change rules overwhelming and difficult to remember until I used this book and it made everything a lot more digestible. I believe this book to be one of the main contributing factors of my speaking confidence increasing! I used to be nervous to speak to anyone in case I mispronounced something and this book helped me massively. I am now studying Korean at university and can see how effective TTMIK lessons have been, as I’ve been speaking to my professor (who happens to be a past teacher of TTMIK!) and she was very surprised that I’ve only been studying for two years, so much so that she told the other Korean lecturers about it!! It goes to show that TTMIK’s learning resources being really great results as long as you put in the effort to use them 🙂 Thank you TTMIK for all of your help in my learning journey!

  9. Ash W,

    This book is both interesting and comprehensive due to the numerous examples, both visual and oral.
    Yes, you can hear the sounds examples through the TTMIK app and it’s so cool?
    I sure hope this won’t be the only of its kind because I’d be sad if it were lmao

    Totally worth it!

  10. Noémi Hajdu,

    I found this book very useful because I always struggled with correct pronunciation. Thanks for making this beautiful textbook for helping me to be a more confident Korean speaker.

  11. Olivie Rehorova,

    This book is a game changer! I’ve really noticed a big difference in my pronunciation since finishing this book. The in-depth explanations with pictures along with the accompanying audio made everything easy to understand and I would definitely recommend this as an essential to anyone learning Korean.

  12. Karmen Keith,

    I like this book, even though I am past learning Hangul but I need a review every so often on the tricky pronunciation rules, which this definitely has. It has a lot of audio which I wish I had when I first started. Thanks for this book!

  13. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    I love this book. The conversations are well written, very useful and start out easy and gradually gain more depth. It’s a fun book to practice reading and speaking with a fellow learner or a Korean friend.

    • Cheryl Schaeffer,

      Ooops, review above was for the beginning reading book.

      The How to Speak Like A Native Korean Speaker is my ultimate favorite TTMIK book. I recommend it all the time to learners of all levels. It makes a huge difference when you are trying to learn proper pronunciation and the audio files that go with the book are very helpful.

  14. Janet Soller,

    Wow. There is SO MUCH I didn’t realize about pronunciation in this book! The pictures and explanations of how to make the sounds are very helpful. It’s also nice to be able to listen to similar sounds pronounced back to back or words to that are similar except for one sound. I almost didn’t get this book because I thought is was too technical for me since I’m just learning Korean as a side hobby but I’m glad I did – I recommend this book to anyone at any level!

  15. Hunter Maynard,

    i’m not one to go to a book for pronunciation but this book is, wow. the videos you can view through the app really help with forming and producing the proper sounds and the quizzes really helped me come to differentiate them in speech! i can recommend this for any level learner, even the smallest things i found were covered in this book that really make the difference in real life! again, highly recommend!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for your review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you!

  16. Mart van Buren,

    I never leave reviews but needed to post this. This book is *incredible*. It’s SO comprehensive, and I’m not sure this quality and depth of explanation is really available anywhere else (the only other resource I have come accross that comes remotely close is FluentForever’s Korean pronounciation series — — but it’s still nowhere near as comprehensive as this book). It must’ve taken forever to make… really great work by the TTMIK team. (P.S. I especially love the intonation chapter near the end, I’ve never come across this explanation anywhere else.)

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thanks for your love! Great to hear that you enjoy studying with this book!
      Hope you continue to enjoy learning with us! 한국어 공부 화이팅!