Korean Reading for Learners – Picture Books Bundle

A bundle of four picture books for both adults and children!

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  1. Marianne van der Wel,

    The books in this bundle are really helpful if you want to improve your reading skills. They’re all beautifully illustrated and fun to read. On the individual web pages for each book there is also an indication of the TTMIK levels the book roughly corresponds to. This made it easier for me to figure out which I could already read. (I started with “Have You Seen a Blue Jindo Dog?” which was definitely the best choice.)

  2. T Learner,

    This is such a fun bundle, great for helping with reading comprehension. I really enjoyed 혹시 파란색 진돗개 보셨어요?

  3. Adam Feldman,

    I purchased this set of books when I was preparing for the TOPIK exam. This bundle was a tremendous help for me to practice my reading comprehension. (Not to mention, the books are also fun!)

  4. Meredith L Novak,

    This is a great bundle for language learners – well worth the price! The books range from poignant to fascinating to downright entertaining, which can be hard to find for adults at an intermediate reading level. I know I’m tired of the same old books of folk tales you find everywhere. These books are written in a variety of styles, too, so you get a nice glimpse of different kinds of literature. If I had to pick a favorite, it might be the Blue Jindo Dog, but that might be because I just finished it – it’s utterly charming, but then, they all are in their own ways. I’m a relatively new learner so it’s been a lot of work to get through all these books – it’s taken me months – but I’ve enjoyed every minute. And I know I’ll keep enjoying them as my Korean improves.