My Weekly Korean Vocabulary Book 1 + Book 2

Each day you have one new keyword, and built upon that keyword are 20 additional phrases and sentences that get progressively longer.

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  1. Marcsi Nagy,

    I started learning with these books a while back and they have been amazingly helpful. The great things about them that they do not only provide pure vocabulary, but Insights of grammar, too. Do not expect a dictionary-like book, with dry explanations. These are super helpful in using the given vocabulary, correctly, within senteces.

  2. Adam Feldman,

    Picked up a copy of these books when I was preparing for TOPIK exam. Great way to learn words in context!

  3. Sheri B,

    This set contains my favorite books from TTMIK. Vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, listening comprehension all rolled into one. I really like the format for learning the definition and context – starting with very simple one to two words and progessing to longer, more complex sentences (20 sentences for each word). I use these books in conjunction with the Essential Learning set. When I encounter a grammar point that I am not familiar with or need a refresher, I go back to those books and refresh (I have all10 in the set). I especially like this set for the listening comprehension. Both male and female speakers reciting the sentences at normal, slow and fast so you hear each one four times. Also, the sentence use many of the vocabulary in the book so you get some nice repetition to reinforce the learning. I review these books all the time. They pair very well with the My First 500 Words book 1 and book 2 set!

  4. Cheryl Schaeffer,

    The perfect set of books especially if you want to jump start your vocabulary knowledge. Not just a list of common words, but teaching those words in context so the learner can understand how the words are used. Very important knowledge.

  5. Janet Soller,

    Excellent book! Even though I already knew most of the key words, hearing the words used in different tenses and in different contexts is really expanding my understanding of the vocabulary. Plus I am learning a lot of new vocabulary from the example sentences. I appreciate that the definitions are already there on the side so I don’t have to look anything up. I like that the examples are repeated 4 times at different speeds. My only complaint – and it’s a small one- is that I’m tired of the music that plays before and after each recording, and sometimes the music starts playing during the last sentence and it makes it hard to understand.This book is definitely worth the purchase!

    • Talk To Me In Korean,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will discuss this issue with our team. Hope you continue to enjoy studying Korean with our materials!🙂

  6. Daniel Gönczy,

    Hello. Great book, helps in learning.
    Do you have a transcript of the book? It would really help me to able to copy paste the hangeul characters or see the romanization of the characters in this book.

    • Hwayeon Kim,

      Hi, I’m Hwayeon from TalkToMeInKorean. Unfortunately we do not have it. Sorry for the inconvenience.