Beginner Workbooks (Levels 1-3)

Make a solid foundation for your Korean skills with these workbooks for beginners!

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  1. Simon Olesen,

    Would definitely recommend these books as they are very good for reinforcing the grammar learned in the lessons. I am currently in level 7 but already own every workbook all the way to level 10 since I intend to finish the grammar lesson series. Super useful and personally a must-buy for me

  2. Jarrett McConnell,

    Having worked my way through these three books, I can confidently say that if you were to master the material inside of them then you would have a strong foundation for your Korean. Not to mention, there is an extensive library of online content on their Youtube and on this website to complement your experience. These books are great.

  3. Claudia Cross,

    These set of blooklets were also purchased with the 1-3 book. They go together when studying and reinforces your skills.

  4. Laura,

    I like the perfect flow from the textbooks to the workbooks. Even though the text book has an exercise section and the end of the lesson, these workbooks are 100% necessary and useful for additional exercises that help completely in the learning process. I love these!