Writing Package (Beginner)

Learn to express your thoughts better in written Korean with a writing materials bundle for beginners! If you want to put your Korean learning to real-life use, these are the best books to start with.

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  1. Marianne van der Wel,

    This bundle really helped when I just started to learn Korean. I am someone who really needs to use a language to learn it, so “My First Writing Practice in Korean” in combination with the verbs guides and “Build & Extend Your Sentences” really helped me with that. The books are easy to use and all the explanations and exercises are easy to follow.

  2. Nichole H,

    My Korean tutor recommended that I practice writing sentences every day but I end up writing the same things all the time because I am not creative 🤣 My First Korean Writing Practice is awesome because it gives me lots of new ideas. I use the Grammar books to learn, and these books to supplement and extend my knowledge. Very happy with my purchase!

  3. Alexia Bautista,

    What I love about the TTMIK books is how nicely they’re designed and easy to follow. These books make learning fun and don’t overwhelm you with too much information.

  4. Sarah Cunningham,

    I bought this package about 2 months after starting to learn Korean through TTMIK’s core curriculumn. I used the verbs guides to practice the new grammar I learned after each lesson by conjugating each verb in the structure taught, which gave me 1-2 hours of writing & sentence practice a day. Definitely helped solidfy basic vocabulary and practice Hangul! I’m working through Build & Extend Your Korean Sentences right now, and its helping me better understand Korean grammar. It was a little bit too difficult for me when I first bought the package, but after 1.5 years of studying it’s perfect.